About Us

The Amar brand is owned and produced by Mare Adriatik one of Albania’s leading seafood processors and exporters, whose customers customers include some of Europe’s leading supermarkets. Mare Adriatik is one the leading producer of Anchovy in Europe. The company is based in ….whet it employs over 600 local Albanian people.

The Founder is Mr Mark Babani who recently left the day to day running of the business to dedicate his life to the development of the Vau I deges region where he took the position of Mayor of the region. Mare Adriatik is currently managed by ….

Core to the ethos of Mare Adriatik is its Artisan production methods. This is the cornerstone of the Amar brand

Amar is produced in a handcrafted artisan way but also using the strict HACCP and quality Control practices

How we cure our Anchovy

Anchovies became a seafood staple several thousand years ago. In Ancient Rome, they played a key role in a
condiment worth as much as the top perfumes of the time.


Only fresh


Hand made


International quality


fish filleting


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